A downloadable game for Windows

A game about persuading a basketball judge to count a score made on the last second 

Disclaimer: Contains  mild language


  • First person view
  • Animated and voiced dialogues
  • Directed cut-scenes
  • Non linear plot
  • Good graphics

Associative real-life situation that you can experience in first person perspective and add your life experience collections, saying that "yeah, I had a conflict with a basketball judge". A simulation of an event where you can choose how to act. 

Sourced assets:

  • Basketball Stadium level: Basketball Assets by North 3D
  • Bottle: City Subway Train by Dekogon Studios
  • Pens, pencils, pen holder, notebooks: Modular School Pack by Polysquid Studios
  • Table, judge chair: Insane Dining Pack, Modular School Pack by Polysquid Studios, Crazy Insane Dining Sets by Tiny Little Studios
  • Sounds: All of them are sourced, credits in the credits section of the game
  • Animation files: Mixamo

My own work:

I am a game designer and programmer, hence I was doing only these parts.
My work includes all of the programming, cutscenes, game design, plot, dialogues, ui design and implementation

Additionally, my work includes:

Characters, made in MakeHuman
Voicing, with speech generators
Red tanktop material, stadium wall material, stadium walls, lighting design


Suburb Games_Make It Count, Judge.zip 382 MB

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